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Community-Driven Collaboration and Dissemination

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A Community-Driven Approach to Research

The world is full of great ideas, many held by individuals and organizations that will never realize their full potential because they do not have the resources to undertake associated research and follow through on outcomes. Social sciences and humanities departments across Canada are increasingly turning their attention to research which includes a non-academic element (a community/individual/space/organization). This community-based, participatory, applied and public research is often premised on the researcher's own goals and objectives rather than originating from within a community.

This portal undertakes to reverse that relationship.

A Means to Connect

This portal provides communities, organizations and individuals a means to advance their own ideas to researchers. Interested researchers then connect with these community elements and negotiate the terms of research and the associated desired outcomes. The portal links community projects with prospective researchers including graduate students and faculty.

This service will provide new possibilities to communities and institutions that might otherwise never connect.

A Means to Disseminate

Not only is the portal intended to trigger projects, it is meant to celebrate outcomes. To academics publishing your work is paramount and to communities the ability to disseminate complex information is sometimes beyond available resources and capacities. This portal provides a means for each project to celebrate its successes while simultaneously creating a space where these outcomes can be shared and acknowledged.

Each successful project will be provided a dedicated and curated digital space where participants can jointly promote the various digital media outcomes of their partnership. Opportunities to provide testimonials about the project will also generate a project portfolio which participants can point to as evidence of their success.

Who We Work With

  • Communities: Any non-academic organization, possibly individuals, including but not limited to First Nations, not-for-profits, local governments, and private heritage consulting firms.
  • Graduate Students: Masters or doctoral student affiliated with a recognized university which adheres to a publicly available Research Ethics Review process.
  • Faculty: Professor or other research-oriented staff member affiliated with a recognized university which adheres to a publicly available Research Ethics Review process.
Sustainable Archaeology

Want to Participate?

Communities - Projects are currently being accepted for disciplines related to heritage studies (Anthropology; Archaeology; Geography, History; Indigenous Studies). Contact us using the form.

Researchers - currently in beta testing. Contact your department if you would be interested in participating when the portal goes live.

Institutions - currently in beta testing. Contact us using the form.