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Heritage Planning, City of London - Historic Lot and Concession Layer

About the Community Organization

The City of London’s Heritage Planners support the conservation of London’s cultural heritage resources, including seven Heritage Conservation District, municipally-owned heritage properties, and archaeological resources in London, Ontario. The City of London provided in-kind support of this project in the form of staff time spent reviewing and implementing the new historic layer.

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About the Researcher

John Moody is a doctoral candidate at Western University and the GIS Manager with Timmins Martelle Heritage Consultants Inc.

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Media from the Project

Ontario Historic Lot and Concession GIS files are hosted by the Ontario government within Land Information Ontario.

"Land identifying a portion of a Concession within a Geographic Township. The townships, concessions and lots comprise the original township fabric of the Province."

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About the Project

In 2017, during the Research Portal testing, Heritage Planners with the City of London identified their need to integrate historic lot and concession spatial information into their ArcGIS platform. The proposed project would digitally reconstruct the historic lots and concessions used to delineate property prior to the implementation of the municipal lot system. This system would streamline elements relating to historical research for property evaluations and designations under the Ontario Heritage Act. The Portal's network of academic and commercial contacts indicated that such information already existed, although its location was not well known.

John Moody, with Timmins Martelle Heritage Consultants Inc., knew where this information could be found and provided county-specific information to the Heritage Planners. GIS technicians with the City were then able to incorporate the data into a web platform for use by the Heritage Planners.

This project, such as it was a project, revealed the potential for the Portal to provide outcomes through an organization communicating a need and networking with researchers capable of quickly fulfilling that need.

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