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Joshua Dent Ph.D. (Josh)

Josh's research focus is Canadian provincial archaeological policy, heritage legislation, heritage data management, and Indigenous engagement in cultural resource management. Currently, he is a Mitacs Elevate Postdoctoral Fellow at Sustainable Archaeology of Western University in cooperation with Timmins Martelle Heritage Consultants Inc. He is a licensed Professional Archaeologist in Ontario with 12 years of practical and research-based cultural resource management experience. He has supervised commercial work in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and the Yukon. He is co-founder of the Archaeologist’s Almanac, Chair of the London Heritage Council, resource member on the City of London’s Advisory Committee on Heritage (LACH), and member of the LACH Archaeological Sub-Committee.

Originally from Prince George, British Columbia, Josh currently lives and works in London, Ontario.

Selected Works:

2017 Tailors-Made: Heritage Governance Customization in Late Modern Canada

2016 Accounts of Engagement: Conditions and Capitals of Indigenous Participation in Canadian Commercial Archaeology. PhD. Dissertation.

2013 False Frontiers: Archaeology and the Myth of the Canadian Wilderness

2012 Past Tents: Temporal Themes and Patterns of Provincial Archaeological Governance in British Columbia and Ontario. MA Thesis.

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